Welcome to our iPad Air review. Our iPad Air review includes: everything you need to know about the iPad Air, the iPad Air’s specs, features and physical design, speed tests, price and buying options.

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Our Verdict. Want the best tablet on the market? Then get the iPad Air. It's got a stunning design, powerful innards and a superb suite of apps. Apple iPad Air (2019) Tablet Review Daniel Schmidt , Daniel Schmidt , Felicitas Krohn ( translated by Mark Riege), 04/13/2019 Apple iOS Tablet Touchscreen So, with the 2019 3 and the almost identically specced mini 5, Apple hasn't just launched new s — they've launched a new midrange tier to the lineup, something with many of Apple iPad Air 2019 review: Working on an review has given us a serious case of deja vu for 2013, when Apple first released a tablet of that name. But despite the classic moniker, Tags: apple, ipad, 2019, review, (2019) Apple finds the sweet spot The sweet spot for most users is here, sandwiched between the basic budget and the pricey Pro. The is a long-lasting 10.5-inch tablet with a gorgeous screen and speedy performance. Think of the new $499 less as Apple's midrange tablet and more as its low-cost laptop. The 2019 is light, smooth, fast, and runs a wide range of entertainment and office apps.

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