A man whose mother left him an iPad in her will has been unable to use it – because he says Apple’s security features are too powerful. Josh Grant said that his mother bought the iPad when she was diagnosed with cancer two years ago, and left him the device after she died as part of her estate. But as the iPad was password protected at the time of her death – and none of her five sons knows the …

Quoted from Inherited iPad 'Useless' Due To Apple's Security Features on ipad 3 features – Yahoo News Search Results

Do you share your iPad with siblings or other household members? Here are a few quick steps to change the Apple ID tied to your tablet. Apple is slowly transforming its iPad into a 2-in-1, and while this new tablet may not be a laptop replacement, it's more than simply an iPad Air 3. It's tl;dr I can do all of my programming and system admin work with an Pro because I work on remote servers over ssh, and I prefer using the Unix/Linux Sync iPhone with iPad - Please can you help me in this case. We have in our family 2 iPhone4, 1 iPod and 2 all together 5 devices, and one PC to sync all, because we are Tags: sync, iphone, with, ipad, When you point your iPhone or at a web address (like osxdaily.com), iOS will perform a DNS lookup to send you to the proper location. DNS iTunes 10.5.1 will not recognize my as a device without the passcode. I tried the trick with the smart cover but that does not work. I this Is your iPhone or slow after updating to iOS 10? Why is iOS 10 running so slow? Maybe even the iPhone feels hot and animations are laggy

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