Keeping your Android device updated with the latest version of the mobile operating system is one of the best ways to keep your smartphone or tablet safe. Yet a new proof-of-concept exploit from a security research team shows that malicious hackers could create harmless-looking apps that lie in wait and turn on their users only when devices are updated. Researchers from the System Security Lab …

Quoted from Android Flaw Lets Hackers Hijack System Updates on android tablet – Yahoo News Search Results

Is your USB drive at risk? 'Invisible yet fundamental' flaw that lets hackers take over computers discovered. Security experts reverse-engineered firmware Take these simple steps to help protect yourself against hackers and government surveillance. Read More A security protocol at the heart of most modern Wi This website presents the Key Reinstallation Attack (KRACK). It breaks the WPA2 protocol by forcing nonce reuse in encryption algorithms used by Wi-Fi. Android Hackers Show Off New By Jim Finkle LAS VEGAS (Reuters) - Hacking experts have demonstrated ways to attack smartphones using methods they s Tags: android, hackers, show, ways, It is just another day with just another Intel . This time the exists in the Intel AMT (Intel Active Management Technology). Security. Let's face it. Software has holes. And love to exploit them. New vulnerabilities appear almost daily. If you have software - we all do Ah! Universal Rooting is Back. In recent months, we focus on bug hunting to achieve root on devices. Our kernel fuzzing, leaded by @wushi

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