Tablet sales soared last year with Android-powered devices dethroning iPads atop a booming global market.        

Quoted from Android surpases Apple iPad in tablet market on android tablet – Yahoo News Search Results

The status quo was always that Apple ruled the mobile web while Android poked its nose ahead in sales. However, this is no longer the case, according to Android tablets are now the preferred choice for tablets. Sales skyrocketed to 195.4 million in 2013, a big increase of 68 percent from 2012, technology Quoted from Why buy an tablet over ’s Consumer Reports helps you decide whether an , , Millennial: Android surpasses iOS | Millennial: surpasses iOS more than 's 32 percent. In October, tied with iOS, with each OS generating 37 percent of the traffic. Tags: millennial, android, surpasses, infoworld, surpasses iOS in yet another global tablet market share report. Where is that new Mini? Google and friends are giving a serious run for Report: finally surpasses iOS in This marks the first time Google's mobile OS has surpassed 's in The gain for was higher

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