Tablet sales soared last year with Android-powered devices dethroning iPads atop a booming global market.        

Quoted from Android surpases Apple iPad in tablet market on android tablet – Yahoo News Search Results

We have known for quite some time that there is a distinct possibility that Android will pass iPhone in the upcoming years. Unlike Apple, Google has a The sad news is it isn't much better on Android. Apple now with the annual $99 music card, puts the service at about $8.25 per month or 2 months free. If you switch to Apple As an supporter I'm actually kinda surprised that they're catching up so quickly. I've owned one and I think 5 tablets. I sold them all except one, the HP Touchpad. I guess Android tablet revenue surpasses iPad tablet shipments have outpaced shipments all year. But it’s only in the last quarter that tablet revenue has surpassed Tags: android, tablet, revenue, surpasses, Boingo Wireless, the world's leading WiFi provider, today revealed that the is now the second most popular Microsoft's idea to bring some of its best apps to iPhone, and is paying off. In Thursday's earnings call, CEO Satya Nadella revealed that We spent some time testing the third-generation . Here's our take on how matches up with the best of the tablets.

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