This stylish, waterproof featherweight is hobbled by some traditional Android disadvantages

Quoted from Sony Xperia Z2 Review: A Great Android Tablet, But Still No iPad on android tablet – Yahoo News Search Results

Auf den ersten Blick scheint das Xperia Z2 Tablet gleich dem ersten Xperia Tablet Z (Test) zu sein. Dem ist aber nicht ganz so, denn Sony hat es geschafft, das Tablet nochmals dünner und leichter The Good The Sony Xperia Z2 has a glorious screen, tonnes of power, a great camera and a beautiful design. It's waterproof too, so it won't conk out when you drop it in the bath. The Z3 may be 's current flagship handset, but that doesn't mean the dust has settled on the . Sony Xperia Z2 review: Action at ours. Alright, it depends on where you're coming from. We're only about to start discovering just how good the is. We can't help but wonder as well what Tags: sony, xperia, review, action, Great deal of the : :// Get $25 discount with Ting: :// Waterproof test: s:// Camera Many users are complaining overheating and battery drain issue the overheating in normal mode and battery drain issue is cause by a hardware . Nothing cant stop the overheating Buy : :// - Josh reviews the all new flagship, the ! ://

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