So far, Microsoft has failed to convince many people that its Surface can replace both their PC and their iPad. Will that change with the new Surface Pro 3?

Quoted from New Surface: Good PC, but no iPad killer on ipad 3 features – Yahoo News Search Results

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop will lure you in with Alcantara fabric, then cage you into Windows 10 S. The new Surface Go is the smallest, lightest Surface ever. At only 1.15 lbs (522 grams) & a 10" touchscreen, it’s a versatile partner. Featuring a built-in adjustable kickstand for adaptability in any environment. Shop the ultimate laptop and more, upgrade your Windows experiences with Microsoft Surface computers. See what’s from Surface. tomtoc Laptop Sleeve Fit Unlock 10% savings Save 10% when you receive 5 or more products in one month to one address with auto-deliveries. Currently, you'll save 5% on your Mar 19 delivery. Tags: amazon, tomtoc, laptop, sleeve, Editors' note (June 29, 2017): Microsoft has unveiled its followup to the acclaimed Surface Pro 4. Called, simply the Surface Pro, the version is very similar to its predecessor, reviewed below. Related: Surface Pro 2017 vs Surface Pro 4. On the er MacBook Pro models, there’s an option to add a Touch Bar: an OLED strip that replaces the row of function keys on a Virtual Detective for iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac & PC! Investigate a virtual reality program that’s turning some players comatose.!

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