Curious about how to install custom software on your current or older Android device? The process used to be pretty arcane and required a computer. Mobile Odin makes it easy to flash a ROM with no PC involvement….

Quoted from Meet Mobile Odin, a must-have app for flashing Android phone or tablet software on android tablet – Yahoo News Search Results

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  1. Hello, Mobil Odin,

    I was wondering if you could and would assist me? About 5 to 6 days ago I rooted my Irulu X7 4.4.2 KitKit it has a quadcord A33 processor and Kernel Version 3.4.39. ( I call it/her LuLu, by the way) and needless to say I was very excited when I rooted LuLu because I’d been watching a lot of YouTube videos saying how awesome it is to release the power in your newly rooted device! Well, my excitement was shorted lived because ever since that day I’ve spent countless hours trying to install a custom Rom on LuLu, with every attempt failing with msg saying Installation aborted, for one reason or another. Obliviously the Rom(s) I’ve been trying to install aren’t compatible. I was told CyanogenMod Roms were the best way to go, so I’ve attempted to install various Roms. Especially the Resurrection Remix, which is the one I was referred to try. Anyway that’s my issue and I’m hoping you can help. Thanks.

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