When Microsoft first announced the Surface, the tablet was unsuccessfully pitched as an iPad alternative. Now it’s being marketed to consumers as a replacement for both their iPads and MacBooks.

Quoted from Review: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 an alternative to iPad and MacBook on ipad 3 features – Yahoo News Search Results

Microsoft's Surface Pro (2017) is physically near-identical to the Surface Pro 4, but a powerful Kaby Lake processor and graphics chip make a difference. Ergonomic tweaks to the keyboard cover and kickstand make the redesigned Surface Pro 3 feel more like a laptop than ever. Whether it can truly replace your 4: Now superseded, but the 4 is better value than the model it was replaced by – but it won't be available for much longer Microsoft Surface Pro review: Hybrid : It’ll decimate your bank balance, but ’s redesigned is the technical pinnacle of Windows 2-in-1s Tags: microsoft, surface, review, hybrid, ’s long-awaited LTE-equipped has arrived, and it portends a future where every computer has a cellular connection. ’s 2-in-1 is everything you could possibly want from an ultraportable computer. But is it worth the premium price tag? Here’s our 's newest is a lot like the 4, but better in a lot of small ways.

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