Samsung’s newest tablet is named after its most popular line of smartphones and features a technically excellent display.

Quoted from Galaxy Tab S review: a skinny tablet with a great screen on android tablet – Yahoo News Search Results

Samsung-Tablets der Reihen Galaxy Tab A und Tab S bieten passende Modelle für jeden Geldbeutel und Zweck – egal ob groß oder klein, teuer oder günstig. The Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and Galaxy Tab S 10.5 are here; whichever option you choose, it's the best Android tablet out there. We like the the 10.5&rquo; deign, but we don&rquo;t love it. The dimpled, oft-touch rear i pleaant to handle, but the bronze-gold colour cheme i an acquired tate. It&rquo; nothing Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 amung 8.4: Deign. While the 8.4 i an evolution of the Pro 8.4 from earlier in the year, it&rquo; a much needed one. Tags: samsung, galaxy, review, trusted, amung' latet let are jut a little bit thinner and a little bit lighter than the iPad, with a lightly better diplay. But let are more than a pi The amung i good. Really good. With long battery life, a tunning creen and an epecially thin and light deign, it' a near-perfect product. While other Android let maker are tarting to embrace Chrome O, the 10.5-inch amung 4 (tarting at $649) i going in a different direction.

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