WordPress has updated its two mobile apps with the twin releases of WordPress for Android 3.0 and WordPress for iOS 4.2. The different version numbers highlight the disparity between both platforms, although ironically it’s the Android version that is more fully featured than the iPad and iPhone build. WordPress for Android 3.0 is also by far the most significant release of the two. First, users …

Quoted from WordPress for Android gains major new features on ipad 3 features – Yahoo News Search Results

I don't know whether a direct way of doing this is available or not, but you surely there is a workaround via code: listen for onFocus event of EditText, and as soon it gains focus, 20 February 2013 Développer une application iPhone/iOS + Android sous GNU/Linux, c’est possible L’univers du développement d’applications mobiles a été bouleversé ces derniers mois par deux faits majeurs qui révolutionnent les technologies et l’économie du Current Malware. Here is the full list of -Malware-Families with their main capabilities. We will try to keep this table up-to-date. Android and the eternal dying Browser, one of the most important mobile browsers out there is an eternal dying piece of software. hasn’t evolved its default browser since 2011 and this is affecting HTML5 developers, including Cordova/PhoneGap apps, Tags: android, eternal, dying, mobile, The following method gets called when window's focus changes. instance, if the window /losses focus, it will be triggered. In case, the window focus, hasFocus is true and false otherwise. A Malaysian tech blog on simple tutorials, beautiful quotes and antivirus software. Occasionally we do write gadget reviews and SEO related articles. Summertime saga is a virtual fantasy game which targeted adult game lovers. The game is interesting nice graphics and simple story.

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