There’s myriad educational apps and devices out there, and Crave’s Eric Mack has found many of them disappointing, but he reports that School Zone’s Android tablet is a notable exception.

Quoted from What my kid learned with a Little Scholar tablet on android tablet – Yahoo News Search Results

My Kids Vision is a free online tool that helps parents assess and manage myopia risks for their kids. These kid-made dish towels are such a fun and simple way for kids to help make gifts for the special people in their lives! We need to change the culture in our jails and prisons, especially for young inmates. New York state is one of only two in the U.S. that automatically arrests and tries 16- to 17-year-olds as Nine Life Lessons I Learned childhood was probably pretty typical for a young growing up in the fifties and sixties. Mom stayed at home with us s while Dad went to work. Tags: nine, life, lessons, learned, I didn't know about electricity until I started to get older, and then I thought it was just magic. When I was a little , we'd just use lanterns or build fires. mother and father have been wonderful parents to me. They have given me a stable foundation for life. They have taught me invaluable lessons about work, marriage, parenting, and life.

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