There’s myriad educational apps and devices out there, and Crave’s Eric Mack has found many of them disappointing, but he reports that School Zone’s Android tablet is a notable exception.

Quoted from What my kid learned with a Little Scholar tablet on android tablet – Yahoo News Search Results

Category Archives: What my Kids Learned What My Kids Learned in Thailand and Cambodia We spent 3+ weeks in Thailand and Cambodia when the s were 1.5 and 3.5 years old and I was pregnant Living in the Dominican Republic, kids (and pregnant women) are mini-gods, like cows in India but in human form. People stop their cars and let you cross the street when you're pregnant. They let you :// s so much from attending Kaizen Martial Arts!! What I've Learned From My s have taught me how much I need to rely on God, and not own “goodness.” I’ve that I can’t “save” child, only God can do that. Allowing someone free will Tags: what, learned, from, kids,

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