When the words ‘Windows tablet” are mentioned, we usually think of Microsoft’s Surface Pro series and its four-figure price tag. But Archos has announced a small-form-factor Windows tablet for the eye-catching price of $149. The Archos 80 Cesium tablet includes an 8-inch IPS screen offering 1,280×800 resolution, all for the price one usually associates with an Android tablet. Inside Archos has …

Quoted from Archos preps $149 Windows tablet, new Windows Phone on android tablet – Yahoo News Search Results

Archos has recently announced a ultra-cheap Windows tablet which will cost only $149. For $149, you will get 8-inch HD display, Intel Quad-core processor and it runs on Windows 8.1. Archos didn’t reveal any other Archos readying its first Windows 8.1 tablet for $149 After years of producing only Android tablets, the company is readying the 80 Cesium, an 8-inch Windows 8.1 slate with a budget price. has announced the 80 Cesium, a 8.1 inch tablet running 8.1 and it will cost . Under the glass will include an undefined Intel quad-core CPU (likely an ATOM Bay Trail), an IPS Archos preparing a Microsoft Windows Electronics maker has unveiled the 80 Cesium tablet, a device running Microsoft 8.1 and uses an Intel quad-core CPU with a 1200 x 800 resolution. The 8" tablet's hardware Tags: archos, preparing, microsoft, windows, Image from: 80 Cesium 8.1 tablet to be launched soon for around Announces Tablet With Intel Quad-core Processor And HD Screen. by Microsoft News. 5 years. 0. has recently announced a ultra-cheap tablet which will cost only . is going to try to sell this device in all retail stores of the world at only $179 in the USA and 149€ in Europe (because European countries have more taxes they don't just

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