iOS 8 has been rolled out to beta testers. Macworld reviews beta 4 of iOS 8, the next software for iPad & iPhone, and looks in depth at its host of brilliant new features. Plus: how secure is iOS 8?

Quoted from iOS 8 review: Hands on with the iOS 8 beta's features, interface and security on ipad 3 features – Yahoo News Search Results

Provided you take the time to find your way around, iOS 7's new design makes it a compelling upgrade that completely transforms Apple's In our review we examine iOS 10's interface and best features, and explain why you should you update your iPhone or iPad right now Apple provides major updates to the operating system annually via iTunes and also, for 5 and later, over-the-air. The latest version is 11 Apple iOS 8.4 review - Apple : A big upgrade in terms of features, .4 is now easier to use and a much more open operating system Tags: apple, review, features, expert, The 11 beta introduces a number of new iPhone features, with even bigger changes coming later this year. Here’s what you can expect from 11 now. We’ve got our on the new Samsung Galaxy Note for a first-look review and already can’t get enough of this feature-packed 6.3-inch smartpho With 11, new features and capabilities bring iPad to life like never before. And make iPhone more essential than ever to your everyday life.

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