WSJ.D reports today that Google’s upcoming Nexus 9 tablet will be manufactured by HTC. The last HTC tablet was the Flyer back in 2011, so the Nexus 9 marks the end of HTC’s three year hiatus from the Android tablet market. This also reflects Google’s desire to team up with a variety of partners for their Nexus devices, so as to avoid becoming dependent on any one particular company. HTC …

Quoted from HTC Reportedly Manufacturing Google's Nexus 9 Tablet on android tablet – Yahoo News Search Results

When Google set out to make its first Nexus handset, the company decided to tap HTC, but over four years and several purebred Android devices later the two tech titans have yet to rekindle their HTC reportedly will team up with Google again and will jointly launch the next-generation Nexus 10 tablet, according to industry sources. Rumors out of Taiwan suggest that Google is preparing to purchase some or all of 's smartphone division. If true, it would mark a sad end for the company that built the first Android phone. HTC to ship Google handsets High Tech Computer () is now Google handsets with shipments officially commencing at the end of 2007, according to handset component makers. Tags: ship, google, handsets, year, Google disbands review panel monitoring DeepMind Health AI 4h ago View. Image credit: Chris Velazco/Engadget. Save. Google is buying 's Pixel team for $1.1 billion. will continue By acquiring the engineering group that had already been working with the company, Google secured hardware talent without taking on expensive assets, like facilities. The deal Google's Pixel program and the old Nexus program are very different, but they've shared one key feature thus far. The hardware was manufactured by an established OEM partner like or LG.

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