The iPad Mini 2, or the more technically correct term would the iPad with Retina display, is almost a year old and rumors about an iPad Mini 3 has been floating around for quite some time. While Apple has not confirmed the release of the device, its history of yearly releases places the iPad Mini 3 to come out sometime in October.

Quoted from iPad Mini 3 Release Date Rumors: October 2014 Launch, Will Be Called iPad Mini Air? on ipad 3 features – Yahoo News Search Results

Das iPad mini 3 bekommt Touch ID, iOS 8.1 und mehr Speicher. Release ist am 24. Oktober, bei den iPad-Mini-Modellen gibt's dann deutlich mehr Auswahl. The iPad Mini 3 uses almost exactly the same design as that of the iPad Mini 2, with the addition of Touch ID. Additionally, with the announcement of iPad Mini 3 and the iPad Air Apple has unveiled the new , and though not much has changed from last year's 2, if you've yet to take the plunge with Apple's smaller tablet now could be the iPad Mini 3 Release: Date, While the date, specs and price remain little more than rumors, clearer details of the device are expected in the next few weeks. For now, all those waiting for Tags: ipad, mini, release, date, zu jedem FaceTime fähigen Gerät über WLAN oder Mobilfunk; Audiowiedergabe. Frequenzbereich: 20 Hz bis 20.000 Hz; Unterstützte Audioformate: AAC (8 bis 20 kbit/s), Protected AAC (aus dem iTunes Store), HE AAC, MP (8 bis

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