Using your Android tablet for more than entertainment? Check out Multitasking, a single app that can add the functionality of multiple floating apps to your device.

Quoted from Add a floating app collection to your Android tablet on android tablet – Yahoo News Search Results

Use SliverAppBar to add a floating app bar. Add a list of items using a SliverList. 1. Create a CustomScrollView. To create a floating app bar, place the app bar inside a CustomScrollView that also You add floating apps by clicking the plus button, and then the app you want to add to the list. After that you can launch the app by clicking the list item. You can also With so mny services in the cloud nd mny desktop pps hving mobile counterprts, it's esy to crry your ndroid tblet s both n entertinment nd productivity device. While hving the full iphone - Adding a floating Dont nything to the Window other thn the nvigtion controller,or root controller. Trust me you will run into memory issues if you do this s Window isnt relesed but View Controllers re. tht Tags: iphone, adding, floating, view, Though, there re mny wys you might pply this new pttern incorrectly, which is why in tody’s ndroid pp tutoril, we’ll see how to implement Floting ction Button with new ndroid Design Support Librry. ccess floting pps with one tp vi movble ∓ resizble floting icon tht stys lwys on top of other pps. Move ∓ Resize Move windows by simply drgging their title, resize them by drgging their

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