Using your Android tablet for more than entertainment? Check out Multitasking, a single app that can add the functionality of multiple floating apps to your device.

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The Multitasking app will add floating apps to your tablet, so you can keep what you're working on open, but use something like a notepad or calculator at the same time. Here's how to get How can I add the new “Floating Action Button” between two widgets/layouts. namespace app is needed, so add How can I animate the new Floating Current floting pps • Clcultor • Cmer • Widget - Lunch widget from ny pp in floting window • Browser • Note - Write nd sve notes • Todo List How it works Add an Android L-Style Floating Some prts of Mteril Design cn be found in the ltest Google+ updte. nd with this pp, you cn see how the ndroid L floting button looks in ction. floting menu button cn be Tags: android, style, floating, button, I’m no Twitter junkie, but I’m bsurdly picky when it comes to mobile pps tht re creted for it. Since the humble beginnings of ndroid, I’ve seen I'm looking to mke new pp, using only PI 21. To follow the Mteril Design, I'm trying to use FB, but I cnnot find ny decent informtion on how floting fingertip to your pp demo. - Buglife/Floter_

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