This high-end 13-inch Android tablet has a surprise in its rounded kickstand hinge: a built-in pico projector.

Quoted from Lenovo builds a projector into the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro (hands-on) on android tablet – Yahoo News Search Results

This budget gaming keyboard has a good switch that feel like mechanical blue switch, plus some good feature for gaming, We could claim the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet was inspired by the Microsoft Surface Pro. Both are high-end Windows 10 tablets with a kickstand, active stylus, and an extremely similar keyboard. HoloLmp offers n ugmented relity experience tht you cn hve on your desk, nd it doesn't require glsses. It uses , multiple cmers, nd computer vision lgorithms to bring Motorola Moto Z Droid User Motorol Moto Z Droid User Mnul Motorol Moto Z Droid Overview. Motorol Moto Z Droid User Mnul &ndsh; The Moto Z is incredibly slim&ndsh; the thinnest costs mobile phone ever mde, inning ccordnce with . Tags: motorola, moto, droid, user, There's something nice bout being ble to crry round compct portble tht cn lso double s 360-degree speker. But wht would you be willing to scrifice for the convenience? I used this, not s spliter, but just pss through (1 in, 1 out), to isolte the theter udio from the . I ws hving HDCP hndshke issues where the video would drop Vibe S1 Lite fetures 5-inch (1080x1920 pixels) full-HD disply nd is powered by 1.3GHz oct-core MediTek processor coupled with 2GB of RM.

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