What is A + B? Apple’s iPad Air 2 has launched and – unlike its more cautious little brother, the iPad Mini 3 – it’s replete with enhancements and new features. It’s fast, it’s thin and it’s quite beautiful to look like. But is it too thin – or too expensive?

Quoted from iPad Air 2 review: Insanely fast and alarmingly thin. Speed tests, camera tests, beautiful photography and more on ipad 3 features – Yahoo News Search Results

Discuss: iPad Air 2 review: The iPad Air 2 delivers unparalleled value for the price Sign in to comment. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. iPad Air 2 - Test, Review Das iPad Air 2 ist dünner, schneller und vielseitiger als das iPad Air. Im Test stellen wir die entscheidenden Fakten zum neuen Apple Tablet vor. Some summaries are easy to write. 013's , for example: a stunning tablet, with an obvious case for winning the first 5 star review I'd given to such a device. iPad Air 2 Review | It is brilliant but don’t expect it to do anything new or anything different. The is still a tablet, not a tablet/laptop hybrid, and so it won’t quite serve as your fix Tags: ipad, review, trusted, reviews, Going by the standards of two or three years ago, the is an incremental update. Back then tablets were slow and bulky, with pixelated screens, so you expected some big improvements Apple's new flagship tablet, hitting its stride. : s://.apple.com/--/ The original : ://youtu.be/Hr8E-_yUYA We review Apple’s latest , the . Find out how it stacks up against the -- and whether it can take on Android’s best.

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