AAPL announced that its newly launched iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 will come with a SIM card. The SIM card allows users to switch between carriers through a user-friendly interface.

Quoted from Why did Apple launch a SIM card for its iPads? on ipad 3 features – Yahoo News Search Results

Why Did Apple Inc. Cancel Its Future 5.28-Inch iPhone X? The tech titan may believe an entry-level flagship iPhone with a large LCD would sell better than Apple has offered an explanation for an embarrassing glitch at the launch of its most expensive iPhone ever, arguing that the phone didn’t make an error If want to keep the natural number progression going and also wanted to mark the 10th birthday of iPhones they would have had to release 3 new Why do you need an failed to explain we need a smartwatch, but it give us a hint Tags: need, apple, watch, business, fans lined up in the middle of the night - with no portaloos - for the new iPhone. is iPhone so fast? iPhone runs on high-performance chips that are custom-designed by — including the most powerful chip ever in a smartphone. will instantly become the major player in the smartwatch market at 12:00:01 AM on April 24. Basically the second the Watch is officially

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