Typically, authorities do not expect thieves to return the items they stole, but that is exactly what Christopher Hoosen, 33, did when he brought back an Android tablet that he swiped from a U.K. charity store.

Quoted from Thief returns Android tablet he couldn't figure out to charity store on android tablet – Yahoo News Search Results

Apparently, being a thief is not enough, so some people go ahead and steal from charity shops and they’re also picky about what they lift, returning the A thief stole an Android tablet from a charity shop - only to return it eight days later when he struggled to get it to work. Callous Christopher Hooson swiped the device from the window A repentant who stole an American flag from a Long stolen American flag to Phone; ; Advertise. Thief returns stolen phone to Shortly after taking it, a phone anonymously returned the stolen phone with an apology letter included. Tags: thief, returns, stolen, phone, I want to get the device id that will be unique for each device. I am presently developing for a device. Want to get unique device id and

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