A newly discovered vulnerability in the Android operating system could expose hundreds of millions of smartphone and tablet users to malicious software, according to research from a cybersecurity firm. The potential harm of the bug that security company has named “Android Installer Hijacking” is vast: more than 1 billion people worldwide are active Android users. Palo Alto Networks said it …

Quoted from Android security flaw puts millions of users at risk on android tablet – Yahoo News Search Results

major security flaw involving android mobile devices has the potential of getting hackers access to hundreds of millions of users personal data. a text message containing malware sent to android device could malicious hackers control Android security flaw puts millions of users at risk A vulnerability dubbed Android Installer Hijacking could expose users to malicious software designed to steal passwords and usernames from Thanks to the latest that was found out by a researcher, approximately 950 million users may be at risk Security Flaw in Samsung Keyboard phone users have long shared the view that, despite the continual announcements of ongoing breaches in an evermore technological world, their devices remained relatively secure. This confidence is likely to have shattered by Tags: security, flaw, samsung, keyboard, Cellphones using Google's operating system are at risk of being disabled or wiped clean of their data, including contacts, music and photos, because of a that was discovered A vulnerability in an component shipped with phones that use Qualcomm chips users’ text messages and call history at risk of theft. The was found by researchers from LTE Devices Vulnerable to DDoS Attack. October 19th, 2015 Ryan De Souza , 0 comments. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. An alert from Carnegie Mellon University CERT database reveals

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