The iPad was rumored long before it was announced—luckily the one about it costing $1,000 wasn’t true—but even after Steve Jobs walked us through its apps and features , we still didn’t get it, not exactly. People said it was just a big iPod touch . Those people were wrong. Once the first iPad shipped April 3, 2010, it quickly became clear: the iPad is a game-changer. It wasn’t the first tablet …

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The iPad was rumored long before it was announced--luckily the one about it costing $1,000 wasn't true--but even after Steve Jobs walked us through its apps and features, we still didn't get it Last year, with the iPad Air 2, it added a fingerprint sensor, made the body even more svelte and added a gold variant. The improvements so far haven't worked: iPad shipments continue to fall. For all things . Pictures, discussion, rumors, news, iOS, hardware, and more about the company out of Cupertino and its great tablet. 9 Simple Ways to Fix It may turn on automatically with the Apple logo popping up which means your is getting ready to turn on . If it doesn’t, then … 2. Try Turning On Your One More Tags: simple, ways, when, ipad, The MacValley blog Welcome to the MacValley blog, your first stop for all the latest MacValley news and views. Apple’s was not the first tablet in the market. Tech firms have been working on tablets for years and finally it made a successful attempt by the year 2000 My Pro 10.5 is not even a month old, it unexpected shuts itself off and sometimes, holding the power button will turn it back again but other times it takes quite a while to

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