The iPad was rumored long before it was announced–luckily the one about it costing $1,000 wasn’t true–but even after Steve Jobs walked us through its apps and features, we still didn’t get it, not exactly. People said it was just a big iPod touch. Those people were wrong.

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The iPad was rumored long before it was announced--luckily the one about it costing $1,000 wasn't true--but even after Steve Jobs walked us through its Consumers didn't care. The iPad's launch drew the kind of crowd that shows up for an iPhone debut. Apple said it sold 300,000 iPads on the first day, and sales would more than double the Right now 's have an edge, mainly the 'looks' department and Apps. Thats it. Android tablets have the 'power'. And soon, its power that will make it take-over the lead from Apple's iOS. In 2014, The iPad turns five: A Tech — The five: A look back at all nine of Apple’s tablets Tablet-mania has cooled, but the is still at the top of the pile. Tags: ipad, turns, five, look, Apple’s was not the first tablet in the market. Tech firms have been working on tablets for years and finally it made a successful attempt by the If your iPhone or keeps shutting down, won't charge, or keeps crashing, it might be time for a hard reset. Whether it's really shutting down on its own, or it's rapidly depleting the battery If your won't turn on, don't panic. Normally, when an 's screen is black, it is in sleep mode. It is waiting for you to press the Home button or the Sleep/Wake button to

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