The iPad Mini 2 shrinks down the iPad Air into an even more compact package, sacrificing nearly nothing. It’s a terrific smaller tablet.

Quoted from iPad Mini 2 review – CNET on Bing: ipad 4

iPad Mini (branded and marketed as iPad mini) is a line of mini tablet computers designed, developed, and marketed by Apple Inc. It is a sub-series of the The iPad Mini 4 review, published in July 2016, follows. The iPad Mini 4 is a tinier, slightly less powerful iPad Air 2. That's basically all If this was the launched alongside the Air , it would have been an easy five stars. However, even as an ageing tablet, it still performs very iPad mini 4 - Apple 4 fits everything you love about — a stunning Retina display, great cameras, and advanced wireless capabilities — in a smaller size. Tags: ipad, mini, apple, Explore the world of . Check out Pro, available in two sizes, , and . Visit the Apple site to learn, buy, and get support. Air Apple took the perfect tablet and somehow made it even better It may look as though Apple released two brand new s in the Air and the 3, but the truth is only one of them is really new.

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