iPad has powerful features for those who are blind or low vision, like VoiceOver, a built-in screen reader that supports refreshable braille displays.

Quoted from Vision Accessibility – iPad – Apple on Bing: ipad features

iPhone isn’t just a powerful, personal device. It’s also an incredibly useful one if you’re blind or have low vision. VoiceOver is a screen reader that describes exactly what’s happening on your iPhone. Get to know some of the powerful features that Apple builds into iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to support people who are blind or have low vision. und Prinzipien über die Barrierefreiheit der Samsung Produkte und Samsung Website Accessibility support for Visio - On this page you can find links to help articles that are written for people who use screen readers with Microsoft Visio. To find information on how to create diagrams that are accessible to Tags: accessibility, support, visio, visio, features Voice control features like Siri or Google Assistant can help you with routine tasks on your phone. Screen readers and text customization features allow you to customize your screen with magnification, contrast, sizing We are committed to providing a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability. We are actively working to increase the and usability of our website and in Transcript. A smarter approach to . A resource for everyone, the DAT paves the way for an exciting new approach to where everyone contributes and awareness is driven from the ground up within an

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