It does not support the Apple Pencil, nor does it have a smart connector for attaching keyboards — two features I wish it had, but it does not because it is not an iPad Pro.

Quoted from Apple iPad (2017) review: the best feature is the price on Bing: ipad features

Editors' note, Oct. 31, 2018: The 9.7-inch iPad from 2017, reviewed below, was replaced in March 2018 by a new $329 iPad, which includes support for the Apple Pencil and a faster processor. The Apple iPad is more affordable than ever. If you're looking for a basic tablet with a wealth of apps, it's a solid deal. Here's what you need to know about the new : it is an , and it is good. has named it simply but we have to refer to it as " " or Apple iPad review (2017): No Summary. ’s newest is a budget model that samples the best parts from past hits. We’ve got the original Air’s body stuffed with the iPhone 6s’s A9 chipset and paired with a Tags: apple, ipad, review, 2017, The 2017, which appears to replace the Air 2 in 's lineup (the mini 2 has also disappeared from the store, although both the Air 2 and mini 2 are still available Review of the 2017 with the A9 chip. Inexpensive tablet with very good performance figures. 9.7-inch : Is 's New better than the Air? Or should you hold off upgrading and go for an Android tablet instead like the Tab S3 or Pixel C?

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