The Samsung Galaxy S9 is a great phone, but one that hasn’t really kicked on from the Galaxy S8, bringing a very similar design and screen to 2017’s version. The improved biometrics were sorely …

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Customer reviews for the latest Samsung smartphones - the Galaxy S9 and S9+. Samsung sucht das Galaxy Review Team. Überzeuge die Jury mit einem kurzen Bewerbungsvideo und tritt in die Fußstapfen von Review-Größe Kilian von IKnowReview. packs a lovely display, great camera and a design that is still one of the best. It's also available at a much lower price than the S10. Samsung Galaxy S9 Review [ ] In a world where companies are adding keyboards, rumble packs, even lasers to their smartphones, the might seem a little dull. Tags: samsung, galaxy, review, The Good The once again proves 's formula of a gorgeous 5.8-inch screen, y dual-curved design and terrific camera for well-lit shots can't go wrong. The remains an excellent smartphone for almost anyone with the high level of design, build, specs and performance we'd expect from . Plus im . Play Video. Fazit vom 25.09.2018 Gut. September 2018 . + Duos. Unabhängige Tests seit 1978. Im Test hinterlassen das Plus und

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