aPad iRobot Android tablet

Android OS, the APAD iRobot has a touch screen 7″ intregrated WebCam, USB, and WiFi, with which you can access the Internet for free.

technical data from iRobot Oficial Website – aPad iRobot Android

You can connect to WiFi Networks: Access your email, connect to Skype, Msn, and your favorite social networks. Furthermore, thankssa Google Maps application, you will have free browser to display maps, find routes or guide you in your travels.

More Connectivity: Webcam and USB ports

The APAD is equipped with a 0.3 Mpix webcam. Integrated, so you can videoconference and communicate online in real time. Furthermore, as key role, you will find in your accessory box which enables you to duplicate the USB ports to connect a conventional keyboard and mouse. Thus, you can write and use your APAD like a conventional PC, allowing you to perform everyday tasks (see, answer e-mails …) with maximum speed.

With Android Market, access to more than 100,000 applications and customize your APAD.

* Webcam Yes
* USB 2 connectors. USB 2.0 High Speed.
* Software Google Android Market. Official. Skype, Youtube, Office, Ebook Reader, MSN, Music and Video Player pre-installed.
* Operation system Android 1.5
* NandFlash Internal 2GB
* Microphone Internal Microphone
* Memory 128MB RAM
* External Storage Support to the 32 GB TF card Support MicroSD up to 32 GB card
* Display Screen 7″ Resistive Screen High Sensibility 800 x 480
* Device Weight 332g
* CPU Rockchips 2808A 600MHZ + DSP 500Mhz DUAL CORE
* Battery 3000MAH big capacity ( last 5 hours) 3000MAH big capacity ( last 5 hours)
* Audio 3,5 Mini Jack Output. Integrated Speaker. Internal Microphone.
* Accessories Charger, User Manual, USB cable
* Touch operation Yes
* WIFI 802.11B/G

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  1. why cant I find the user manual for the android model m729,
    I just bought one and dont know how to set it up, the manual that came with it is hard to read, its writen in broken english

  2. Broken English isn’t near the problem. It reads like a sales bulletin not user instructions. Hopefully I can find a young person to explain it workings of this item.

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