Having the latest gadget is seen as the new status symbol despite the recession, a survey has said.

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Latest Gadgets & Technology | We not only do in depth reviews of the latest gadgets available, but we also feature crazy, geeky & nerdy gadgets + a lot more latest gadgets, iphone, iPad, laptop, Apple news, tech news, reviews, online earning, how to and more.Keep up to date with latest trend in technology industry The gadget has a vibrant 10-inch touch screen, a duo of high-quality stereo speakers, and a built-in Nest smart camera. The latter is handy for making Google Duo video calls, as well as for monitoring Coolest Gadgets | reporting on We gathered a comprehensive list of the coolest and best for men. It covers everything from Bluetooth trackers to 360 cameras and we are sure that you’ll find something on it you really want Tags: coolest, gadgets, reporting, latest, Here are some upcoming you should have In 2020. You are an admiration if you can master the technologies and impart others about the pros and cons of upcoming . Top Mobiles & . Best smartphones in India Smartphones these days have become mini-computers. Many of us do most of our work on this gadget. The smartphones' growing processing power like 6GB RAM, 2TB storage From the Apple AirPods Pro to the Google Pixel 3a, these are the that took over 2019.

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