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Sony likely can’t wait to watch 2011 recede in the rearview. Between the earthquake and resulting tsunami that rocked Japan in March and the April network intrusion that left the company’s online services out of commission for a full month, there have been too many setbacks already, and there’s still half a year left on the calendar. With renewed effort now being put into creating a more secure online environment for its users, it’s really no surprise to hear that Sony is working on a redesign for its PlayStation Network.

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Sony Planning To Have ‘Significant’ PS4 Pro Stock In Europe. But they still don’t know if that will be enough. In an interview, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan shared that Sony is planning to offer cross-generational gameplay between the PS4 and PS5. Cross-play and cross-saves are all the rage with gamers these This is where I begin to speculate that maybe is to release two versions of the 5 at launch, a basic version and a Pro version. We know Microsoft is to Sony Global - Supply Chain supply chain management focuses not only on its own production sites, but also on those of suppliers and subcontractors. Tags: sony, global, supply, chain, Organization Data. Content Menu . Organization Data seeks to maximize the talents of each employee and to foster innovation. respects and fosters an inclusive acceptance of diversity in its many forms including race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, beliefs, disability, gender, age, Diversity Week. During Diversity Week, many events are held at Group companies around the world to raise awareness and promote action for change by enhancing recognition and understanding of the significance of diversity.

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