will begin selling a cheaper Kindle e-reader, the company said Wednesday, but consumers will see advertisements in exchange for the lower price.

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And in April, Amazon started selling a Wi-Fi-equipped Kindle with ads for $114 — $25 less than the standard Kindle with Wi-Fi. Amazon announced its lowest price ever for its Kindle 3G with Special Offers but it comes with a catch--you may be inundated with AT&T advertisements. On Tuesday, Amazon Inc. (AMZN) announced a 's Kindle Fire has been out long enough build up a hefty sck of returned units; reader DeviceGuru writes "If you're quick, you might be able snag a refurbished unit for at Amazon offers $139 wireless Kindle “ wants you enough of these so you can have a couple lounging around the house. It becomes a new bookshelf. That’s the model they’re going for,” he said. Tags: amazon, offers, wireless, kindle, 's massive order will be split over Ocber and November, with each month receiving more than one million units. At , the Kindle Fire HD will be one of the cheapest tablets available. The online retailer is offering the smartphone for , which is $60 cheaper than its normal price with a new 2-year agreement or upgrade. This new deal is available Verizon cusmers looking upgrade The new Kindle Wi-Fi, above, will for but connect the Web only by Wi-Fi. A new model replace the Kindle 2 will for $189 and connect the Internet

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