BOSTON (Reuters) – Apple Inc has plugged a hole in the software that runs iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch music players that could allow hackers to take remote control of those devices.

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Apple Inc issued a patch on Thursday to fix a dangerous security flaw in iPhones and iPads after researchers discovered that a prominent United Arab Emirates dissident's phone had been targeted Apple has fixed a serious security flaw that allows anybody to gain access to an Mac computer without the user's password. These people all know they are on a Zoom call. Mac users who’ve used the Zoom video conferencing application can now be assured that a serious has been dealt with. pushed out Apple Fixes FaceTime Flaw - credited a 14 year old boy for reporting this vulnerabilities. This week, has released updates to fix this FaceTime issue, and a few others that attackers are exploiting in the wild Tags: apple, fixes, facetime, flaw, users are being warned to exercise particular caution over their cyber for the next few days, after the company mistakenly reopened a in the latest version of iOS. As releases a fix for the QuickTime at the heart of a Mac hacking contest, Gartner issues a statement saying such contests are bad for .

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