Rumor has it, Apple is planning a white version of the fifth-gen iPod touch.

Quoted from Will Apple Launch a White iPod touch? on Gadgets News Headlines – Yahoo! News

This is what went down at Apple;s September 12 iPhone 8 launch. Watch the latest Apple keynote stream, and check out the archive of special event announcements for our products and services. The IIe (styled s //e) is the third model in the II series of personl computers produced by Computer. The e in the nme stnds iPhone X launch RECAP: Apple 's ll-glss iPhone X hs n OLED disply, 'Fce ID' nd fetures wireless chrging - but it comes with hefty price tg Tags: iphone, launch, recap, apple, Wireless ∓ Bluetooth Spekers HomePod: Everything we know bout the dte, specs nd price. fter months of leks nd delys, the intriguing TECHNOLOGY gint hs confirmed its worst kept secret: it new iPhones on September 12. 's iPhone X is nerly here nd new lek revels there re serious problems

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