Shares of Apple Inc. briefly touched the $400 mark for the first time during regular trading Monday, nearly a week after the company reported record earnings and revenue on the popularity of its iPhone and iPad.

Quoted from Apple shares touch $400 mark for first time on Gadgets News Headlines – Yahoo! News

Is Apple Going to $400 or $500 First? The battle between positive and negative catalysts is still waging behind Apple shares. Apple's shares slipped notably for a portion of Monday's trading. The company's shares fell as low as $398.05 Monday morning and spent a good portion of the day below the $400 mark. The shares If you are interested in getting an MacBook Pro but are not looking to pay $2000 for it then you can come to the right place as we have the deal for you. With Apple shares close below $400 SAN FRANCISCO -- of skidded below on Wednesday , underscoring lingering concerns over the company's future. fell $4.62, or 1%, to $398.02 in trading. This marks the Tags: apple, shares, close, below, of stock briefly dipped below US ($399.75, to be precise) on Wednesday. AAPL stock has traded just above for most of the day, down more than 5% from its opening price of Investors showed just how shaky their faith in has become Wednesday, sending the company’s below for the first time since 2011 amid renewed concerns about declining demand for of fell below for the first time since mid-April early Monday. The stock has struggled to stay above that mark all year and with some good reason. It's lost some patent battles

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