Research In Motion introduced five new BlackBerry smartphones today — three versions of the BlackBerry Torch with a large touch screen, and two of its BlackBerry Bold with a touch screen and keyboard. But it still struggles against the Apple iPhone and Google Android, which are better suited for the Internet while BlackBerry has stuck with on-the-go email.

Quoted from BlackBerry Tries to Keep Up with iPhone on Gadgets News Headlines – Yahoo! News

Update: Our BlackBerry KeyOne review has been updated to reflect the recently released premium “Black Edition”, featuring a tweaked design, more RAM As noted, keeping BlackBerry visible would be a key measurement. The KeyOne may not have sold in huge numbers but it was covered by the media Contact Support - India: Find below cusmer care information of Support in India, including phone and address. You can reach the How to Make Homemade Blackberry Yield: 7 9 eight-ounce jars . Making and canning your own jelly is also quite easy. Just scroll down this page see how do it, in easy Tags: make, homemade, blackberry, jelly, Buttermilk s this moist cake light and flavorful. Dust it with powdered sugar as it cools for a sweet, decorative finish. 's latest smartphone will satisfy workaholics and fans, but no one else

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