About one-fifth of global Internet users visited Amazon’s various websites during June, according to a report from comScore.

Quoted from 20% of Internet Users Visited Amazon in June [STUDY] on internet – Yahoo! News Search Results

Internet World Stats, Population and Internet Users in all countries and usage in all regions of the world. The Internet Big Picture. An annual report released by global digital agencies, We Are Social and Hootsuite, reveals that Africa has seen the fastest growth rates in internet penetration, with the number of internet users acro Usage in Nigeria by year: , growth rate, population, penetration, global rank Internet Top 20 Countries - Top twenty countries in the world, comparison penetration and population statistics with the world. Tags: internet, countries, internet, users, The in Africa is limited by a lower penetration rate when compared to the rest the world. Measurable parameters such as the number ISP subscriptions, overall number hosts, IXP-traffic, and overall The following analysis discusses the demographic characteristics each the five social media platforms in the survey. Facebook — 72% adult /62% entire adult population MORE FACT SHEETS: /BROADBAND | MOBILE TECHNOLOGY. Today around seven-in-ten Americans use social media to connect with one another, engage with news content, share information and entertain themselves.

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