The Internet is about to get faster, if Google and OpenDNS and other companies get their way.

Quoted from Google, OpenDNS And CDNs ‘Speedup’ The Internet on internet – Yahoo! News Search Results

The openDNS servers worked for me thanks. During a Udemy learning session I had run into a problem after ditching my wifi sharing arrangement with my Mac, and setting up ethernet hub with the PI For months I had been using OpenDNS as primary then. as 2nd and as 3rd. Just in the past week I did some more namebench testing and decided to switch things up. Internet visionary who has to date founded or co-founded technology companies that have created over $100 Billion in cumulative value, including: CNET, Uphold, Live Planet, Salesforce, NBC, Google Voice, , Vignette Founder of Live 7 Best DNS Servers (Free If you know anything about the workings of the internet, you must have heard about Domain Name Servers or DNS. DNS is one of the building blocks of the internet without which the internet as Tags: best, servers, free, public, [ ] 1984 12 Leonard Bosack Sy Lerner

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