The world wide web hasn’t fulfilled its potential to be an influential force, writes James Curran.

Quoted from The internet is powerful … for those who can afford it on internet – Yahoo! News Search Results

by Maryam Ali. The Internet is an indelible part of the 21st century world, exerting a powerful impact over our work, social lives and even our politics. For me, I would add the word ''Wonderful'' to the word ''a Powerful resource'' because the internet has completely changed my life. it has made lear ning easy, acess to information quick &affordable, and with could be more through a better management. I hope that in coming years becomes more organized and functional. The internet is powerful - What's most dgusting thing you've ever seen on ? Tags: internet, powerful, video, dailymotion, Best Answer: has become a really medium, yes. More than TV and newspaper. I believe just th year re was an article somewhere about how actual oldstyle newspapers are starting

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