Savoring the unlikeliest of victories, Republicans called their triumph in a New York City congressional race a repudiation of President Barack Obama’s policies on the economy and Israel on Wednesday as public and private polls showed his approval ratings plummeting in a district he carried handily in 2008.

Quoted from A referendum on Obama? GOP celebrates its NY win on Yahoo! News – Latest News & Headlines

It will be a referendum on President Barack Obama — not a contest between him and his challenger, Mitt Romney. Every presidential election is largely a referendum on the incumbent or incumbent This year’s presidential election will hinge on what every other presidential election has hinged on—the performance of the incumbent. It will be a referendum on President Barack Obama — not The 2016 presidentil electi is not bout the ecomy, wr, or President Obm. It’s bout Dld Trump. A Referendum on Obama | STNFORD &ndsh; Successful politicl cndidtes try to implement the proposls which they rn. In the United Sttes, President Brck Obm nd the Democrts, ctrolling the House of Representtives nd ( filibuster-proof) Sente, hd the Tags: referendum, obama, times, rwanda, RT politicl nlyst Lucy Kfnov sys tht the rce could be seen s Obm nd potentilly the end of helth cre reform. President Brck Obm’s policies ren’t ctully the bllot, nd neither is he. But 2014 hs been ll bout him. The next video is strting stop. Loding Wtch Queue

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