White House officials discussed the political ramifications of a possible default by a troubled solar energy company that received more than $500 million in federal loans, newly released emails show.

Quoted from White House worried about Solyndra default on Yahoo! News – Latest News & Headlines

The White House has been briefed on the Mueller report and "there is significant concern on the president's team about what will be in this report," and "what worries them most is what Don McGahn Morning Joe's Willie Geist talked about new reporting that White House officials, past and present, are worried about Trump's wrath if their names are attached to their testimony. CNN’s Kaitlan Collins said on Thursday that the was that, after Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin ‘lost his cool’ with Financial Services Chair Maxine Waters (D-CA The White House is worried Every 's Council of Economic Advisers has supported its administration. Germany has its Sachverständigenrat, a group of academics who once a year issue an economic report telling the Tags: white, house, worried, about, aides are fearful that the Mueller report could expose those who revealed things that might anger President Trump, who urged cooperation but prizes loyalty. President Trump reportedly wants his friend, Patriots owner Robert Kraft, to be included in the team's visit despite concerns by aides given Kraft’s current legal troubles. REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS don’t agree on much these days, but perhaps the thing we hear the most from both on Capitol Hill is just how intense congressional investigations will get if the or Senate

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