A media and Internet advocacy group sued the federal government Wednesday over its new rules covering Internet traffic, saying they don’t protect wireless traffic from interference by phone companies.

Quoted from FCC sued over new Internet rules on internet – Yahoo! News Search Results

Most FCC rules are adopted by a process known as "notice and comment" rulemaking. Under that process, the FCC gives the public notice that it is considering adopting or modifying rules on a particular subject Ohio pro-gun groups filed a lawsuit Thursday against Columbus and Cincinnati, hoping to overturn recently passed gun control measures. In May, Cincinnati became the first Ohio city to ban bump stocks. In the United States, net neutrality, the principle that Internet service providers (ISPs) treat all data on the Internet the same, and not discriminate, has been an issue of contention between network users and access United States court ruling - The 184-page ruling also opens a path for limits on broadband providers beyond net neutrality. Already, the F.C.C. has proposed privacy rules for broadband providers, curbing the ability of Tags: united, states, court, ruling, In one landmark case, the argued that teletext was a technology that created soaring demand for a limited resource, and thus could be ept from the fairness doctrine. A sharply divided late Friday is its anticipated TCPA Declaratory Ruling and Order (the “Declaratory Ruling”). This document sets forth a range of statutory and policy pronouncements that have broad implications for businesses Voters from across the political spectrum agree: they don't want their cable company to control what they see and do online. The 's reckless repeal of net neutrality has sparked an unprecedented backlash, as millions

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