China’s Foreign Ministry defended the government’s censoring of the Internet on Thursday, saying it meets international norms, as the U.S. questions whether the practices amount to a trade barrier.

Quoted from China says Internet censorship meets global norms on internet – Yahoo! News Search Results

Internet censorship in China is the People's Republic of China's broad control over what Internet content is available to Chinese people, which is facilitated by extensive legal and administrative regulations. Jan. 22 - China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology says it will clean up the domestic internet by March 31, 2018. The United States has labeled 's a trade barrier in a report for the first time since 2013, saying worsening online restrictions are damaging the business of U.S. companies. China says internet censorship needed news; needed to keep children from harmful sites. has moved to portray its crackdown on content as a campaign to protect youth and nothing to do with Tags: china, says, internet, censorship, BEIJING, — is already infamous for the most extreme system in the world, and in 2018, the country will likely make it even harder for the netizens to get around the The Great Firewall is as old as ’s , with some form or another existing since the first cable was laid, aside of the of more traditional media that was in place long Lu was answering a CNN reporter’s question in a press conference ahead of the Second World Conference to be held in Zhejiang’s famous water town Wuzhen next week.

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