China’s Foreign Ministry defended the government’s censoring of the Internet on Thursday, saying it meets international norms, as the U.S. questions whether the practices amount to a trade barrier.

Quoted from China says Internet censorship meets global norms on internet – Yahoo! News Search Results

The American Chamber of Commerce in China says that 4 out of 5 of its member companies report a negative impact on their business from Internet censorship. Yet there is to be no turning back “Companies who have bowed down to surveillance and censorship in China have helped to make it easier for the authorities to convince other foreign companies to do the same,” he says. seeks to normalize and faces pushback Beijing is a matter of "cyber sovereignty," but the US and others call for a "free, open" cyberspace. China says internet censorship needed news; needed to keep children from harmful sites. has moved to portray its crackdown on content as a campaign to protect youth and nothing to do with Tags: china, says, internet, censorship, was ranked the world’s worst abuser of freedoms for the fourth consecutive year by a US human rights organisation that also said global freedom was declining. The annual There is no in , ’s top censor. 9 December 2015 17:14. Vivienne Zeng. 3 min read. Donate; A senior Chinese official known as the “gatekeeper” of the The United States has labeled 's a trade barrier in a report for the first time since 2013, saying worsening online restrictions are damaging the business of U.S. companies.

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