Long before there was an Internet or an iPad, before people were social networking and instant messaging, Americans had already gotten wired.

Quoted from 150 years ago, a primitive Internet united the USA on internet – Yahoo! News Search Results

A tribute to the man behind my middle name and his destany 150 years ago. Two thirds of the African American Children are born out of wedlock. The rest of the country is slowly heading down that road. And the results are an uneducated felonious class producing unstable families themselves. In the lst , lsk hs seen severl gold rushes, n oil boom, groundbreking distribution of lnds to Ntive groups, disstrous oil spill, tremendous growth in tourism, nd much 150 Years Ago Today - go Tody December 16, 2012 · Dec 15, 1862 - n unsesonbly wrm dy, with tempertures getting into the mid-60s, mbulnces nd stretcher berers from both sides collect the bodies nd help the Tags: years, today, home, facebook, On Februry 5, 1865, go Thursdy, President brhm Lincoln, ge 55, st in the Wshington, D.C. studio of photogrpher lexnder Grdner, posing for portrit photo. On their trek northwrds, the Bsters reched the Ornge River on 16 November 1868. Two lter the first Bster fmilies reched their new home: Rehoboth. Russin chemist Dmitrii Mendeleev creted the periodic tble of the elements, revolutionizing chemistry.

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