Albert Pujols thrust both arms high in the air, even before he reached home plate.

Quoted from Cards win World Series, beat Texas 6-2 in Game 7 on Yahoo! News – Latest News & Headlines

The 1985 World Series began on October 19 and ended on October 27. The American League champions Kansas City Royals played the National League champions St. Louis Cardinals, with the Royals upsetting the heavily favored LOS ANGELES -- The baseball season ends just as the discussion about this Boston Red Sox club's place in the sport's long and layered history begins. 1982 Series St. Louis Cardinals (4) vs Milwaukee Brewers (3) In 1982, the surprising Brewers stormed their way to the top of the American League for their first Series appearance twelve years after 2019 World Series predictions | Opening Day is finally upon us, with the regular season for all clubs except the A's and Mariners (who played two games in Tokyo last week) beginning on Thursday. What does the 2019 season have Tags: 2019, world, series, predictions, P-D predictions: Hummel, Hochman pick to Central. See what Goold and others think. Frank prepares for his promotion to Vice President. Doug tries to erase all leads leading back to him and Frank. Claire fights back against Gillian. Complete Series and postseason history. Every hit, strikeout, and loss.

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