Do you think these names will thrive or suffocate?

Quoted from Chinese Internet Stocks: Will Censorship Hurt Profits? on internet – Yahoo! News Search Results

No matter how you slice it, Chinese internet stocks look set to outperform their American counterparts. Unlike in the U.S., internet growth remains explosive in China, including e-commerce and Track Alibaba, Tencent Music, Autohome and other top Chinese stocks trading in the U.S., and get timely analysis of the trends affecting them. In this deep-dive look at China stocks, we'll examine the benefits and risks of getting exposure to China, how to analyze stocks, the options investors have in China, and finally, the top Chinese internet stocks slide on Mizuho analyst James Lee says stocks continue to face ad challenges in 2019 as macro headwinds weigh on high-priced verticals. Tags: chinese, internet, stocks, slide, stocks got crushed, literally. The KWEB ETF fell from 68 in March of this year to 39 points last week, a decline of 44% in 6 months. Nobody believes this sector ever 3 Stocks I'd Buy Right Now Momo, Sogou, and Baozun are some of the hottest stocks that you've never heard of -- for now. stocks may be a good buy for investors, according to global investment banks UBS and Credit Suisse. Technology has emerged as a heated battleground in the ongoing U.S.-China trade

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