Defending his efforts to halt the Iranian nuclear threat, President Barack Obama said Sunday that the economic sanctions against the country have had “enormous bite,” and that he is united with Russian and Chinese leaders in ensuring Iran does not develop an atomic weapon and unleash an arms race across the Middle East.

Quoted from Obama: Iran sanctions have ‘enormous bite’ on Yahoo! News – Latest News & Headlines

The Trump administration State Department is working to suppress new sanctions on 's propaganda network that were promised to be implemented by the WH. The first sanctions against were those imposed by the United States in November 1979 after a group of radical students seized the American Embassy in Tehran and took hostage the people inside. Introduction. The United States, United Nations, and European Union levied multiple on for its nuclear program since the International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA), the UN Sanctions - Federation of American Congressional Research Service Summary U.S. been used extensively by successive Administrations to try to change ’s Tags: iran, sanctions, federation, american, The United States applies economic, trade, scientific and military against . U.S. economic are administered by the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control. “The Obama Administration is now accused of trying to give secret access to the financial system of the United States. This is totally illegal. Obama is one of the most successful presidents that united States ever had. However, that does not mean that he did not do any mistake during his two periods of dedication as the president

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