iRobot’s new Flash LIDAR system gives robots depth perception. … Download it from Adobe. Upgrade to Flash Player 10 for improved playback performance. …

Quoted from 3D Flash LIDAR Vision for Robots, UAVs, UGVs – YouTube on Yahoo! Search: adobe flash 10 irobot

Why is 3D Flash LIDAR a Key Technology for Automated Driving? The technology in use for space applications including asteroid sample return and rendezvous with the International Space Station (ISS) is now supporting automated vehicles iRobot's new Flash LIDAR system gives robots depth perception. Während derzeit die ersten -Automotive-Sensoren mit mechanischen Scannern in Serie gehen, steht die ganz ohne Mechanik arbeitende ---Technologie bereits in den Startlöchern. all-electronics erklärt, wie die Sensoren funktionieren und zeigt Beispiele aus der Praxis. Continental Automotive - High Resolution High Resolution This innovative Hi-Res is a future-orientated solution that is an addition to the current group of surrounding sensors needed to achieve highly and fully automated driving. Tags: continental, automotive, high, resolution, The Figure 1 TigerEye camera, fitted with a 45 degree lens (Figure 4 b) instead of the 9degree lens,- can be used for large scenenavigation and mapping. One significant advantage of the Hi-Res sensor technology is that it provides both real-time machine as well as environmental mapping functions. This technology will help to enable a significantly more detailed Advanced Scientific Concepts Inc., a supplier of Systems for terrestrial, aerial and space applications, announces its Peregrine System. Weighing just 1 pound (445 grams), the Peregrine has

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