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Many of you have already seen or probably heard of the new Barnes and Noble NOOK Tablet. Yes it looks closely similar to the Nook Color but don’t be deceived by the looks. This newest Jealous of that root-ready Kindle Fire, but not ready to trudge through the Amazon to get it? Don't worry, you can stay huddled up with your Nook Tablet and get all the device rooting you Just a few days after its release, the Barnes & Noble has already been rooted. The root exploit comes to us via the hard working group of developers over at XDA Developers. Rooting Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet It wasn’t too long ago that Amazon’s Kindle Fire got so we can’t say that we’re very surprised to hear that its competition, the , has been rooted as well. The method Tags: barnes, noble, nook, tablet, Barnes & Nobles latest device, the new was only released last week and the device has already been rooted by the guys over at the XDA Developers forums,who previously rooted the new Since its release on November 16, there has been a flurry of activity around Barnes & Noble's first offering, the . It's not surprising either, previous devices such as the The was announced about a year ago and it was intended to be in the hands of the eBook readers. While it can be used to read the eBooks, there’re so many other

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