ISPs will need to specify internet access speeds users can expect from their services and how they may slow down certain applications using traffic management.

Quoted from Internet throttling must be transparent on internet – Yahoo! News Search Results

Wouldn't it be nice to get the internet speeds you pay your ISP for? Not with data throttling you won't. Here then is how you test for and bypass it. That is what I found while exploring the dark and soft-side of the Internet. Most of the ISPs use filters Read moreHow To Bypass ISP Throttling with Superfast Speed The FCC's Restoring Freedom Order, which took effect on June 11, provides a framework for protecting an open while paving the way for tter, faster and cheaper access for consumers. TPG ADSL2+ Standalone Plans - ADSL2+ Standalone Plans, TPG provides affordable high speed Unlimited Broadband up to 20 Mbps. Available in 12 or 18 month contract. Tags: adsl2, standalone, plans, unlimited, td(8) MAINTENANCE COMMANDS td(8) NAME. td - tiny/turbo/ server SYNOPSIS. td [-C configfile] [-p port] [-d dir] [-dd data_dir] [-r|-nor NetEqualizer and Hidden Nodes: A Real Solution to a Virtual Problem. For years, our wireless Service Provider customers (WISPs) have come to us to resolve their Hidden Node Problems. Days after the Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal its net neutrality rules for providers, a Republican congresswoman has introduced legislation that would replace some

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