Two men charged in a case that shut down U.S. operations for three Internet poker companies are likely to go on trial in March, a judge told lawyers Thursday.

Quoted from NY judge: Expect trial in Internet poker case on internet – Yahoo! News Search Results

And below is a guide to help our clients understand what trial is, what we need to do beforehand, and what to expect at trial. What Is A Divorce Or Family Law Trial? A divorce Trials in Housing Court are usually heard by a Judge, without a jury because leases generally contain a jury waiver provision. The Judge can decide a case only upon legally admissible evidence. Bulldog attorney Michael Avenatti will face starting Nov. 12 for charges he tried to shakedown Nike, a judge ordered Tuesday. Prosecutors the will last roughly a week. Avenatti Trial | NY CourtHelp . At a , the party that started the lawsuit tries to prove his or her case to the judge or jury and the other side tries to prove his or her defenses and counterclaims. Tags: trial, courthelp, The judge reviews evidence, rules on objections, and provides a ruling after the . The judge cannot assist in preparing or presenting evidence, so the employee should consult an experienced Missouri workers' compensation lawyer before The cases are assigned to judges and will occur in the judge’s courtroom at the courthouse. Generally, the judge will sit at the head of the room at the judge’s bench and counsel The official home page of the New York State Unified Court System. We hear more than three million cases a year involving almost every type of endeavor. We hear family matters, personal injury claims, commercial

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